The theme of the 2018 Habitare Pro event, Roots, will reflect the relationship of architecture, lighting and interior design with our cultural heritage and origins, the present and the future. At the same time, the theme invites reflection on phenomena that are all about the need to see and experience authenticity.


The event’s four-part programme will explore our roots, and discuss phenomena related to authenticity and the origins of things from a variety of fascinating and sometimes surprising perspectives. Habitare Pro’s targeted content and programme for professionals is curated by the creative director of Habitare and Habitare Pro, Laura Sarvilinna.


1: Origin


The theme of Origin will highlight interior architecture, which is of great importance also for corporate identity creation and communication. With globalisation, and its ever-fiercer competition and commercial concerns, wise companies communicate their origins and comprehensively incorporate their roots in spatial planning and brand identity.


2: Reflection


The second part of the programme, Reflection, comments on the attempt to get closer to nature in today’s architecture. Architecture directs our gaze to remote areas or brings something primitive back to cities. Considering cultural heritage and authenticity is important for aesthetic reasons, but also from the point of view of our civilization and its maintenance.


3: Illusion


The importance of light in spatial planning and communication is at the core of the theme of Illusion. Skilful lighting design is used for creating illusions, for highlighting origins and authenticity, for corrective and presentation purposes, and for getting closer to something that is otherwise inaccessible.


4: Heritage


The fourth theme of the programme, Heritage, will focus on traditional construction and craftsmanship, which are disappearing, although we are seeing a general increase in the appreciation of craftsmanship and the origins of things. Three traditional construction methods, with demonstrations and speeches, will be presented under this theme at Habitare Pro.