The theme of the 2019 Habitare Pro event, Mindspaces,will highlight the importance of sensory aspects in the design and use of built environments. The theme discusses how to create well-functioning environments that combine the inspiring use of materials and the preferred mood. The theme will also be mirrored in the Habitare Pro exhibition design, which will be conceived by Heikkinen-Komonen Architects.


The theme Mindspaces is approached from three perspectives at Habitare Pro. The three highlighted issues include the senses and their importance in the design of environments and spaces; new technologies and their integration with reality; and the balance between privacy and communality.


With the hectic nature of life today, there are thousands of stimuli in our environment that compete for our attention. Every building, park, business space, school and library has been built for us, but we only become attached to a space if it feels good to us and is suitable for the activity we are engaged in at the time. The design of a space is most successful when we do not even notice it – when the space works well for its intended use, thereby soothing, delighting, or refreshing us, or creating a heightened state of alertness when that is called for.


The rapid development of technology has created new realities, which we can enter in the blink of an eye by means of virtual and augmented reality solutions. Alongside material things, we see an increase in the design of virtual objects, but, at the same time, we recognise that, in the virtual world, a space is just an image of a space. We are entering a time in which there is no need to own but only to use material things. On the other hand, as virtual reality gains popularity, there is an increased desire to touch and to be present and face-to-face with others.


The third perspective related to the theme is the balance between privacy and sociality. At the same time as the built environment increasingly incorporates communal features, the design of public spaces has to address needs related to privacy and concentration. The design of building exteriors and interiors seeks solutions that strike a balance between the online and offline worlds. Do you have to be present all the time? When can you turn off your phone or computer? And if you turn it off, does this mean turning your back on the world or opening a new door to a space in your own mind?


The exhibition design 2019