The participating companies are at the core of Habitare Pro. Habitare Pro is an inspiring stage, and the products and businesses make its heart beat. For businesses, Habitare Pro acts as a link to important stakeholders – design and spatial design professionals and enthusiasts.

The exhibition design for the 2019 Habitare Pro will be conceived by the architect Mikko Heikkinen from Heikkinen-Komonen Architects. Heikkinen’s design, Lights, will introduce architectural structures into the huge exhibition hall, using immaterial means. Pillars of light in regular rows evoke images of ancient temples, with massive columns supporting ceiling vaults that disappear into the heights. This is augmented reality in action, or rather, an illusion built to conceal the everydayness of the surrounding exhibition space. The massive pillars of light form a contrast to the stands at floor level and to the scale of the fair visitor. The design occupies the space.


The theme 2019